August 2, 2016

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RICK CRAFT, MBA, CSP has over 20 years of experience in industrial safety. He holds the highest safety designation issued by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, the Certified Safety Profession licensure (CSP). Mr.CSP-Logo_w400 Craft’s background includes both bachelors and master’s degrees in business as well as numerous safety and health certifications. He regularly trains and consults with regional businesses to improve their safety culture and was previously the president of the Winona Area Safety Council and the Chairman of the Board for the Winona Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Craft has previously worked in oil and gas, the healthcare industry and as a safety disaster preparedness coordinator for the American Red Cross. As a USAF veteran and ordained minister, he feels strongly about protecting the lives of people.  This informs his work ethic and business practices.


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DR. JANA CRAFT is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Human Resource Management at Winona State University in Winona, MN. She earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development with a focus on ethics from the University of Minnesota in 2013UMN-Logo and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. Her research areas include human resource development, ethics, organizational culture, non-profit organizations and training. Dr. Craft has over twelve years of teaching experience in higher education. She has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Human Resource Development International, Middle East Journal of Management and International Journal of Managerial Studies Research. Dr. Craft presents in both academic and practitioner realms. Jana serves as a lay Christian minister in various capacities: retreat speaker, curriculum development, preaching and service. Visit her website for more info:

photo credit: Magdalena Altnau Photography

Why “authentic” safety?

We believe in keeping people safe on and off the job. Since we’re neither firemen or police officers (off the job safety), we combine our passions and talents for human resources, ethics, and industrial safety. We believe “authentic” safety means when we come to your place of business, we don’t try to sell you on safety, berate you for doing a bad job, or act like safety cops. We’re more like safety coaches, if you will. We believe in being authentic and real in our personal lives and in our business relationships. We believe in using real life examples to enhance the safety training experience. We believe in an honest approach to safety and human resources practices, which might sting a bit in the beginning but will benefit you in the long run. Most of all we believe that being “authentic” is being our true selves all the time. We believe this is why our trainees, students, colleagues and children actually like us.


What makes us good trainers?

What makes us good trainers is the ability to not take ourselves to seriously in front of the classroom. Too often, safety trainers and business professionals think that a serious subject needs to be taught in a dry, serious manner. We feel just the opposite. No matter the subject, learning should be fun.